Prevent Die Build-up

Comparison of die drool, for a highly filled plastics formulation, between a control and addition of 4% 4-7081 Resin Modifier

Die build-up, also known as plate-out, is a challenge in any extrusion process. It can cause imperfections in the extruded material and costly downtime while your equipment is cleaned. Slowing your processing time or raising temperatures, while effective in some cases, can carry significant drawbacks.

Our advanced silicone-based additives prevent die build-up in two important ways, without requiring changes in your processing parameters:

  1. Our silicone additives migrate to the interface of the material and the extruder screw and act as a lubricant that reduces friction and avoids accumulation of material.
  2. Our silicone additives improve compatibility between resins and fillers to reduce mechanical degradation-and resulting friction of a compound during extrusion.

Compared to PTFE, our silicone-based additives deliver higher performance at significantly lower loadings of 2% to 8%, further contributing to their cost-effectiveness.

Solving Your Processing Challenges

Our silicone-based additives reduce die build-up to avoid costly equipment downtime and improve the quality of your end product. Other benefits include:

  • Higher productivity
  • Faster throughput
  • Retention of mechanical properties (impact resistance, tensile strength)
  • Reduced screw torque
  • Lower extruder amperage

Find out how we can help you boost the throughput and quality of extruded compounds with silicone processing aid additives. It's as easy as contacting your representative.