Automotive Fluids

Reliable Fluids Performance

Meet or exceed performance and cost targets with automotive brake fluids and compressor lubricants from Dow Automotive Systems. Our fluids meet OEM standards and offer high quality solutions for these very important applications.

Dow Brake Fluids

One of the largest global producers of brake fluids for OEM and aftermarket customers, Dow Automotive offers a complete line of DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1 and racing fluid technologies to ensure the safe and efficient operation of today's demanding motor vehicle braking systems. Dow Brake Fluid 310 is a DOT 3 brake fluid.


  • All standard, ABS, T/C, ESP, and electronic braking systems

UCON™ Compressor Lubricants

Dow Automotive Systems offers a complete line of polyalkylene glycol compressor lubricants to ensure the safe and efficient operation of air conditioning systems. UCON™ compressor lubricant RL-993 is suitable for all R134a-based systems.


  • Air conditioning recharges
  • Assembly lubricant
  • Compressor lubrication
  • Mobile air compressors for OEMs and the aftermarket