Composites for Lightweighting

Mass Reduction for Mass Production

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The adaptation of lighter weight materials brings challenges to every step of the manufacturing process from design through production. Plastics, aluminum, and carbon fiber each require special consideration that is different than the steel and sheet metal that automakers have relied upon for more than a century. Yet, significant weight reduction is possible with low-density carbon fiber composite components that can function alongside traditional metal components in an efficient hybrid construction.

Dow Automotive Systems is the only supplier to offer high performance composite resins as well as composite bonding systems. This enables our customers to achieve up to 50 percent weight savings and 95 percent parts consolidation objectives with the added benefit of improved manufacturing efficiencies.

VORAFORCE™ epoxy resin systems enable weight reduction, parts integration, and efficiencies in materials and processing. It is a game-changing epoxy formulation composited of resin, hardener and internal mold release, designed mainly for carbon fiber composite production using high-pressure resin transfer molding or wet compression. Classified as not toxic under REACH 2015, the epoxy is also formulated to prevent undesirable corrosion of processing equipment.


  • Carbon fiber or glass fiber composite parts

When combined with carbon or glass fiber fabric, VORAFUSE™ epoxy intermediates for pre-preg solutions offer improved handling and rapid cycle times for compression molding of composite parts for structural applications.

Epoxy-fiber composites offer competitive strength and stiffness at much lower density, enabling the production of components that can function well with traditional metal parts in a hybrid construction.


  • Door inners
  • Hood inners
  • A, B and C pillars
  • Roof rails

Application Methods

Depending on process needs, the versatility of VORAFORCE allows easy adjustment of injection and cure profiles, enabling molding cycle times of 30 to 180 seconds. High-pressure resin transfer molding or wet compression production methods can be used. VORAFUSE is designed to work in out-of-autoclave processes like compression molding to achieve fast cycle times for automotive applications. Technical Service and Development support is available to help ensure proper application techniques.