Glass Bonding Adhesives

Glass Bonding Support, Ease of Application

With a proven track record of providing exceptional performance, lower costs and faster assembly times, Dow Automotive Systems’ glass bonding systems are used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide for structural bonding, sealing of stationary vehicle glass, headliner bonding and more.

Our glass bonding systems consist of BETASEAL™ urethane adhesives(green), BETAPRIME™ primers (lavender) and BETACLEAN™ cleaners (light blue).

BETASEAL™ can be customized to deliver a wide range of mechanical properties. It is compatible with all vehicle production processes, including cold- and warm-applied systems. BETASEAL™ products also are specially formulated for aftermarket glass replacement and meet OEM durability specifications and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for barrier, rollover and roof crush regulations.

We offer a complete array of black and clear BETAPRIME™ primers. Our portfolio also contains activators and cleaning solutions that improve and simplify process options.


  • Backlite
  • Door glass
  • Glass hardware
  • Mixed-material bonding
  • Modular roof assemblies
  • Sunroof assemblies
  • Windscreens