Quality & Environmental Certifications

Each of our employees is committed to delivering a quality experience to our customers. Together, we seek to lead our industry in providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We dedicate ourselves to the Continuous Improvement Process for all of our products, services and processes by employing Six Sigma technologies that promote increased customer loyalty, improved bottom-line results, and superior processes and quality.

The Dow Chemical Company and Dow Automotive Systems have an integrated business management system that combines the requirements of the company, government and customers and, effectively and efficiently, deploys our quality and environmental, health, and safety policies. Our certifications are based on this system.

Quality Certificates

Europe - Automotive - Schkopau, Germany - UQA 10029438 (1011 KB PDF)

North America - Automotive - Hillsdale, MI - UQA 0110535/AL (500 KB PDF)

North America - Automotive - Hillsdale, MI - UQA 0110535/AZ (97 KB PDF)

North America - Automotive - Midland, MI - UQA 0110535/A (500 KB PDF)

South America/Latin America - Glass Bonding - Pinda, Brazil - UQA 0110535/AG (500 KB PDF)

Environmental Certificates

ISO 14001 and Responsible Care:

The Dow Chemical Company has globally implemented the International Council of Chemical Associations and American Chemistry Council's, Responsible Care® program. The headquarters in Midland Michigan was certified to Responsible Care in 2005. This management system is broader in scope than ISO-14001. In addition to the environment, the program includes provisions for safety, health and security as well as the publishing of specific metrics.

Corporate Responsible Care Certificate

Using Responsible Care® as the base, many of our European facilities have fulfilled their EMAS requirements and certified to ISO-14001. With the broad stakeholder participation of customers, the public, government, competitors, and industry partners, such as the transportation industry, Responsible Care® is a superior system for the chemical/plastics industry to address environmental, societal needs and sustainable business development. We have built a global corporate certification for ISO-14001 similar to the quality certification based on Dow's Responsible Care ® program.

ISO-14001 Environmental Certificate - Auburn Hills, MI

Europe – ISO 14001:2004 – Schkopau, Germany – RQA662490 – English

Europe – ISO 14001:2004 – Schkopau, Germany – RQA662490 – German