Strong, durable adhesives for lightweight aluminum vehicles

Midland, Michigan - December 04, 2014 - Traditional fastening methods alone, like welds and rivets, don’t do the job when it comes to the lighter-weight substrates, so Dow Automotive Systems has developed a customized BETAMATE™ structural adhesive exclusively for aluminum applications. This new adhesive offers excellent adhesion to pretreated aluminum, superior stress durability, process stability, and resistance to degradation and corrosion that comes with environmental aging.

We partner with customers to deliver targeted performance attributes for aluminum bonding needs. Some are using BETAMATE™ structural adhesives for durability, weight reduction and improved manufacturing efficiencies in vehicles currently in production

We have worked closely with auto makers to customize adhesive solutions that support their specifications for design, manufacturing and sustainability. We’ll be glad to do the same for you.

Contact us to learn more about how BETAMATE™ structural adhesives can help your vehicles get lighter and stronger.

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