Presentations & Literature

Make plans to attend the technical and marketing presentations shared by Dow fluid and lubricant experts at the 2017 STLE Annual Meeting. Check the presentation listings below for subjects, times, and locations.

2017 Presentations

Clean & Green: Improving Process Life for Induction Quenching Auto Parts Production
Zhe Jia
Paper by: Eduardo Lima
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Polyalkylene Glycols as Enablers of Polyol Esters in Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
Lauren Huffman
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Biofouling Control in Metalworking Fluids
Brian Corbin

A Versatile Component for Formulating Superior Air Compressor Lubricants
YaoKun Han (Ken Han)
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Formulate With the Future in Mind – Better, Faster and Cleaner
Andrew Larson
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Tertiary-Alkyl Primary Amines (TAPA) as Building Blocks for Formulated Fluids
Gagan Srivastava
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Optimization of a Polyalkylene Glycol Axle Lubricant Formulation
John Cuthbert

2016 Presentations

A Solution To Help Improve Varnish Control of Gas Turbines using Polyalkylene Glycols
Martin Greaves
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Mineral Oil Free Metalworking Fluids based on Polyglycol Lubricant for Aluminum Alloys
with Extreme Pressure Properties

Eduardo Lima
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Lubricity Additives in Synthetic Metalworking Fluids
Bing Liang
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Versatile Component for Enabling the Formulation of Modern Gear Lubricants
Martin Greaves
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2015 Presentations

Polyalkylene Glycols and How Different Polymer Architectures Influence Their Tribology Performance
Martin Greaves
Synthetics & Hydraulics I
Arts District 7
Monday, May 18, 9:00 – 9:30 AM

Metalworking Fluids Foam Control Based On Novel Surfactants Technology
Eduardo Lima
Synthetic and Hydraulic Lubricants I
Katy Trail
Tuesday, May 19, 8:30 – 9:00 AM

Enabling the Success of Lubricant Marketers and Formulators
Thomas Mittendrein
Commercial Marketing Forum II
Fair Park 2
Monday, May 18, 1:30 – 2:00 PM

2015 Dow Performance Lubricants Core Competencies
Exhibition Hall
Monday, May 18 – Tuesday, May 19

Past Presentations

Check out the presentations below to see at what our experts shared at past STLE events.

2014 Presentations

Non-Varnishing PAG-Based Turbine Fluid and GEK Spec 32568h Recommendations
Govind Khemchandani, PhD

Oil Soluble Polyalkylene Glycol Hydraulic Fluid - Equipment Performance Testing and Case Study
Andrew Larson

Differentiate Your Lubricant with UCON™ Oil-Soluble Polyalkylene Glycol Technology
Christine Walker

Non-Formaldehyde Releasing Biofilm Control Options
Christine McInnis. PhD

Varnish Elimination for Gear and Re-circulating Bearing Oils
Rick Butler (Chemtool); Govind Khemchandani, PhD (Dow)

Friction Characteristics of Polyalkylene Glycol Based Engine Oil Formulations
John Cuthbert, Ellen Hock (Dow); A. Gangopadhyay, D. McWatt, L. Ellie (Ford); K. Sinha (Chevron)

2013 Presentations

Amine/Biocide Impact on MWF Performance Longevity: An Accelerated Laboratory Evaluation
Pat Brutto, Technical Services & Development - Dow Consumer & Industrial Solutions

Polyalkylene Glycol Hydraulic Fluids: An Alternative for Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Andrew Larson and Dr. Martin Greaves - Dow Lubricants

Revving Engines of Innovation: PAG Based Fluids & Lubricants
Brian J. Goldstein, Market Manager - Dow Lubricants

PAG-based Turbine Fluid-Five Years of Varnish Free Performance
Govind Khemchandani, Ph. D. - Dow Lubricants

Comparing Conventional PAGs to Oil Soluble Polyalkylene Glycols
L. W. Budd Lee - Dow Lubricants

2012 Presentations

Oil Soluble PAGs and Aspects of their Benefits for Hydraulic Fluids
Martin Greaves, Technology Leader – Lubricants, Dow Lubricant & Fuel Additives

Aspects of PAGs for Heavy Duty Equipment
Yuri Alencar, Technical Services & Development Engineer – Dow Lubricants & Fuel Additives

Performance Characteristics of PAG based Synthetic Turbine Fluids for GE 7FA Turbines
Govind Khemchandani, Sr. Technical Specialist – Performance Fluids, Dow Lubricant & Fuel Additives

Biocide Selection for Microbial Control in Metalworking Fluids Under a Changing Regulatory Environment
Christine McInnis, Customer Application Specialist – Dow Microbial Control and Terry Williams Principal Microbiologist – Dow Microbial Control

Solving Today's Energy Efficiency and Maintenance Challenges with UCON™ OSPs from Dow
Brian Goldstein, Marketing Manager, Dow Lubricant & Fuel Additives