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Built Environment

The Challenge

Globally, buildings are the largest energy-consuming sector in the world, and account for more than one-third of total final energy consumption. As a result, they also are responsible for approximately one-third of global carbon emissions. Because buildings have an average lifespan of 40 years, the choice of materials in the design phase is particularly important as it can influence both the embodied carbon footprint as well as the energy efficiency and operational footprint throughout the building’s life-span. Installing high performance energy-saving materials can have the immediate effect of reducing energy bills while also improving the comfort and well-being of building users.

Moving the construction industry to a lower-carbon path will require an acceleration of the adoption of resource-efficient building options. However, market barriers in the building sector are complex and can be difficult to overcome, which is why the value chain is an important component in inspiring change.

Maximizing Impact Through Sport and Science 

In the built environment, our projects bring together leading façade and construction companies, engineers and property developers to positively impact the environment and introduce solutions that will benefit generations to come.

Changing the Game

Project Ideas Beyond Business as Usual Target Partners
High Performance Buildings Facades and advanced insulation solutions for high-rise buildings that drive performance beyond code minimum.
  • Façade companies
  • Engineers
  • Developers
Polyurethane Insulation in Commercial Construction
Engaging stakeholders in discussions about the economic and environmental benefits of energy-efficient insulation implemented at levels beyond regulated minimums is a beyond-business-as-usual practice that seeks to overcome barriers for adoption across the value chain.
  • Construction companies
  • Engineers
  • Developers

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