Consumer Solutions

Making consumer products and sporting equipment more comfortable, safer and sustainable

Heightening the Sports Experience through Science

Behind every sporting event and hard-won medal, science plays a role in enhancing the fan and athlete experiences.

The Fan Experience

The technology behind the drinks, personal care products and equipment fans and athletes enjoy helps ensure a fun, safe sports environment.

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Our Consumer Solutions

From the technology that improves UV absorption of sunscreen to protect fans watching the game, to the ingredients that help improve the rebound and dimensional stability of athletic shoes, our solutions help enhance the fan and athlete experience.

Industrial Solutions

Food-grade propylene glycol based heat transfer fluids help manufacturers control temperatures in fermenters, bright tanks and flash pasteurizers to ensure consistent beer taste, color and aroma.

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Personal Care

Our personal care ingredients enhance shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens, body washes and more.

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Performance Silicones

The intrinsic properties of silicone enable enhanced performance in sporting goods like swim caps and snorkels.

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Elastomers offer flexible, soft-touch, and safe performance for many sporting good applications – from providing golf ball covers with strength and flexibility to withstand grass stains, to delivering the stability needed in athletic shoe midsoles.

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The same polyurethane integral skin foam used for furniture components, is also used to provide comfort and durability in household leisure goods, like yoga mats.

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