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At the Good Chemistry pavilion in the Activation Hub at SB ’17, we’re featuring discussions on reimagining the cities of tomorrow, rethinking waste and recognizing the value of nature. Unable to attend in-person? Tune in to the Sustainable Brands Detroit Livestream to watch plenary sessions live or on-demand.

Tuesday, May 23: Reimagining the Cities of Tomorrow

Reimagining the Cities of Tomorrow
Speaker: Shawn Hunter, Global Product Sustainability Leader, Dow Building & Construction
Time: 12:00pm ET and 6:00pm ET
Description: Building cities that work – clean, resilient and sustainable – will require us to work together in new ways. Through collaboration and innovation, we can contribute to high-performance buildings and greener cities.

Restaurant of the Future
Speaker: Chris Spontelli, Field Marketing Manager, Dow Pharma & Food Solutions
Time: 12:30pm ET and 6:20pm ET
Description: With evolving diets and dietary requirements – from gluten-free options to reduced calories and fat in menu items – innovative technologies help food and beverage companies meet consumer needs and enable healthier living.

Advancing a Circular Economy
Speaker: Jennifer Princing, Senior Sustainability Specialist
Time: 1:00pm ET and 6:40pm ET
Description: Multiple programs across Dow manufacturing sites help identify materials to recover, recycle or reuse – rethinking how we see waste and working toward advancing a circular economy.

Wednesday, May 24: Rethinking Waste

Closing the Water Loop
Speaker: Tracy Young, Program Director, Consumer Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions, Dow Core R&D
Time: 12:00pm ET and 6:00pm ET
Description: Eliminating waste and maximizing water reuse is critical for society and for industry growth. Dow plays a key role in applying science to ensure the flow and quality of water is enough for the world’s burgeoning water needs.

Talking Trash
Speaker: Jon Pyper, N.A. Associate Director, Sustainability & Advocacy, Dow Performance Plastics
Time: 12:30pm ET and 6:20 pm ET
Description: The Hefty® Energy Bag Program sustainably captures the value of non-recycled plastics that otherwise go to landfills. It’s a new way of thinking about converting valuable materials into useful resources.

A Holistic View of Sustainability in Home and Personal Care
Speaker: Kate Geraghty, Global Sustainability Leader, Dow Consumer Care
Time: 1:00pm ET and 6:40pm ET
Description: Learn more about market sustainability trends in home and personal care, and the approach by one Dow business to innovate and drive more sustainable solutions using a holistic approach.

Thursday, May 25: Recognizing the Value of Nature

Better for Nature, Better for Business
Speakers: Jim South, TNC-Dow Collaboration Lead, The Nature Conservancy; Tommy Polzin, Program Manager for Ecosystem Services and Nature, Dow
Time: 12:00pm ET
Description: Incorporating ecosystem services into business decisions drives value. Learn about Dow’s collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, the tools we created, and a vision for business that is inspired by nature.

Change to Community-Led Innovation with Caravan
Speaker: Kenny Fennell, University of Michigan Dow Sustainability Fellow
Time: 1:00pm ET
Description: Kenny Fennell shares his experiences as a Dow Sustainability Fellow, his work as cofounder of Social Mobility Group, and Caravan – a tool people use to access the transportation they need.