Keeping Plastics from the Landfill

Dow is committed to advancing a circular economy by delivering solutions to close resource loops and increase the rate of recycling and reuse of plastics.
Jeff Wooster,
Global Sustainability Director, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics

The Situation

Every year, Americans discard 29 million tons of plastic waste.1

The Solution

By working across the value chain, municipalities and businesses can help residents keep plastic out of landfills and turn them into valuable resources.

Real-World Answers

A revolutionary program to convert previously non-recycled plastics into energy is underway in Omaha.

Dow has teamed with municipal and industry partners to implement a program to demonstrate how non-recycled plastic items – like juice pouches, candy wrappers and plastic dinnerware – can be collected and converted into an energy resource and kept from the landfill. Through the Hefty® EnergyBag™ program, Omaha residents are putting these plastics into special orange bags. The bags then are collected curbside from residents, sorted at a local facility, and the plastics are converted into energy to make cement. By recovering the embedded energy in plastic to make new products, Dow and its collaboration partners are helping keep plastic waste out of our landfills and extract maximum value from our resources.

The program is an example of how Dow is working to create a “new plastics economy” by increasing the recyclability of flexible packaging and driving development of technologies to convert non-recycled plastics into feedstocks that can be used to make new materials.

Watch how the program works:

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