Sustainable Brands Detroit 2017

Redefining The Role of Business in Society

Few things in modern society have not been touched by chemistry. From the fabrics we wear to the packaging that keeps our foods fresh to the screens we watch to the medicines and soaps we use every day, we depend on science at its most elemental level to make our lives better. That is why innovative solutions enabled by chemistry will be essential to help society become more sustainable and transition from a “make, take and dispose” economy.

By driving unprecedented collaborations, Dow is leading the way in developing societal blueprints that will advance the transition to a more sustainable society and create a path to a batter and more profitable way of doing business. Visit us at the Sustainable Brands Conference, May 22-25, in Detroit to learn more.

Reimagining the Cities of Tomorrow

Rethinking Waste

Recognizing the Value of Nature