STEM Strategy


To build the workforce of tomorrow by empowering teachers, motivating student achievement, developing careers, and collaborating with communities to transform STEM education into a driver for innovation, manufacturing, and economic prosperity.

Brand Essence: 

Throughout its history, America has been a continual source of new ideas. A birthplace of inventions, innovations, and discoveries that have continually shaped and reshaped the world. But American leadership—and its power to drive our economy and fuel our prosperity—can no longer be taken for granted. Other countries are challenging us as never before. And nowhere more vigorously than in STEM education. Today, we face a growing gap in our ability to produce the thinkers and doers who will help our nation seize the opportunities that tomorrow will bring. To meet this challenge, Dow has created STEMtheGAP™—a growing and constantly-evolving series of initiatives to support and advance STEM education. While stakeholders, target audiences, and focuses may vary, every initiative is designed to inspire conversation about STEM education, collaboration to develop innovative solutions and, as a result, transformation that will enable our nation and the world to surmount the challenges of the 21st century.


Dow is an integral contributor to advancing interest in, access to, and quality of STEM education globally. STEM learning is an economic imperative. By focusing expertise and resource on STEM and related careers, Dow plays a vital role to increase the number of STEM professionals and educators globally.

Dow’s STEM efforts focus on the categories of Teach, Learn, Work and Advocate.


Empower teachers through professional development, curriculum support and project-based learning.


Motivate student achievement through hands-on experiments, STEM career exploration and reaching out to underrepresented students.


Develop STEM careers through university partnerships; R&D funding; curriculum development at community colleges and nonprofits; and offering certifications, internships, co-ops, apprenticeships and full-time employment.


Collaborate with communities to advocate for STEM policies, drive STEM education and engage federal, state and local governments.