Volunteers Work with Habitat in Ethiopia


Ethiopia is the latest addition to the long list of countries where Dow employees have supported Habitat for Humanity in its effort to provide safe, affordable housing to as many people as possible.

One in four families in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, has no access to sanitation facilities, making them susceptible to illness and disease, Habitat reports. In September, 15 volunteers from Dow East Africa joined with Habitat, key industry players and local partners to take part in a build to construct sanitation facilities in Addis Ababa that will serve 60 families, improving life for about 300 people.

“Our actions will certainly have a measurable and long-term impact for those families,” said Dave Govender, general manager for Dow East Africa.

Dow engages a holistic approach with Habitat, contributing not only funds and energy-saving insulation products, but significant volunteer support. Dow volunteers work on Habitat construction sites, serve as board members for Habitat affiliates worldwide, and share their expertise in energy efficiency and conservation. As Habitat’s first national corporate partner, Dow has been instrumental in the construction of almost 45,000 Habitat homes since 1983.


Ethiopia is the 29th country in which Dow has supported Habitat builds.

“Dow has innovations to address Ethiopia’s biggest challenges across various industries – including agriculture, consumerism and infrastructure,” said Anampiu Joseph, Country Manager of Dow Ethiopia. “But we also place a high priority on the social, environmental and economic well-being of the communities in which we operate, live and work.”