Military Veterans Benefit from Stronger Ties

Military veterans bring great skills to Dow, and the Company has a long history of working with veterans through employment opportunities and community engagement initiatives. And it’s getting stronger.

One big step forward in that relationship is Vet-Net, a new Dow employee group established to:

  • Preserve, promote, and acknowledge the virtues of military service
  • Serve as an education resource, provide networking, mentoring and development opportunities to veteran employees and other network members
  • Provide services to veterans in the community

Vet-Net brings together existing veteran-centered employee groups in Michigan, Indiana, and California with groups developing in Texas and Louisiana. The plan is to expand Vet-Net to sites around the United States, then across North America.

Through Vet-Net and other Company-sponsored community outreach initiatives, a number of services have been provided to veterans in local communities near Dow’s sites in Michigan, Indiana and California.

“Our projects range from building ramps for veterans to helping with financial needs for service members, teaching third-, fourth- and fifth-graders flag etiquette and everything in between,” said Brad Blanchard, leader of the Michigan group and part of the team organizing Vet-Net.

In Indiana, employees host an annual Veterans Day ceremony, support a program to help wounded veterans and their families during rehabilitation, and volunteer with a foundation that assists homeless vets.

In California, employees help rehabilitate the homes of selected veterans through a special Habitat for Humanity program, attend military job fairs to help veterans learn more about employment opportunities, and distribute specially minted coins that highlight career opportunities for veterans.


In addition to other groups, Dow plans to market its U.S. Apprenticeship Program opportunities in Instrument Electrical and Chemical Process Technology to veterans through partnerships with community colleges, as well as through upcoming career fairs Nov. 7-8 in Flint, Michigan, and Dec. 9 in San Antonio, Texas.

“We understand that veterans have a strong foundation of discipline, commitment and respect that serves them well in civilian careers,” said Shelly Alexander, Workforce Pipeline Leader for Dow in Houston, Texas. “We value the skills military veterans bring to the workforce.”