France’s Chemical World Tour Highlights Innovation, Careers in Science

Tina Duarte-Monteiro and Sylvain Beaumont researched and reported on a Dow adhesive to win an industry competition.

To win an industry competition, a team of college students traveled to Dow sites across Europe to tell the story of an innovative product, its benefits to the environment and some of the different kinds of scientists involved in its development and production.

Sylvain Beaumont, a chemistry student at the National Institute of Industrial Technologies in Pau, France, and Tina Duarte-Monteiro, a journalism student at the European Institute of Journalism in Paris, researched BETAMATE™, Dow’s revolutionary structural adhesive, then created an informative video for the Chemical World Tour (CWT) competition. With nearly 10,000 online votes, Sylvain and Tina won the CWT, beating teams reporting on innovations at Arkema, BASF, Bayer, Solvay and McPhy.

You can view the winning video at as well as an introduction to Sylvain and Tina at

It’s the second time in the four-year history of the CWT that a team reporting on a Dow innovation has emerged victorious. This year’s theme, “Chemistry and Energy,” was a good fit with BETAMATE™, which is used with light-weight materials in cars to reduce weight, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Sylvain and Tina visited a French test facility operated by Renault, a Dow industry partner that uses BETAMATE™ extensively on its Eolab concept car. They interviewed Philippe Michel, an expert on structural adhesive, to understand how it reduces the weight of vehicles. Next, the students headed to Horgen, Switzerland, to meet Andreas Lutz, R&D director for Dow Automotive Systems. He explained the technical advantages of using structural adhesives compared to traditional welding. Finally, Tina and Sylvain paid a visit to Elviera Muller, Operations Leader at the Dow site in Schkopau, Germany, where BETAMATE™ is manufactured.