Mentors Work With Team in Program Organized by The Nature Conservancy

A team of secondary school students mentored by Dow volunteers developed a plastics recycling project for the Nature Works Hong Kong Environmental Innovation and Leadership program.

Eight Dow volunteers spent several months mentoring a team of secondary school students competing in the Nature Works Hong Kong (NWHK) Environmental Innovation and Leadership program, a new community initiative created by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to build youth leadership for environmental protection.

TNC research shows that Hong Kong youth are becoming more serious about environmental protection, with an increasing concern around how air pollution, waste management, food sources, and water security affect people’s quality of life. The NWHK program offers students an opportunity to channel their passion for the environment into real-world community projects with tangible impact.

"Sustainability is rooted in Dow’s daily operation. In addition to innovations and solutions addressing the pressing environmental challenges we are facing today, Dow also commits to fostering future leadership for sustainability,” said Peter Wong, Dow Greater China President. “I’m proud that Dow volunteers are contributing their knowledge and expertise to help young people in Hong Kong shape their innovative ideas into impactful projects and make a difference in the community.”

Dow volunteers Alan Chan, Dennis Yee, Eric Chan, Bessie Kan, Chris Moy, Joanna Leung, Gigi Fung, and Denise Yuen mentored a group of eight students as they developed a project on plastics recycling. Over three months, students went through an experiential learning camp focusing on understanding environmental challenges and developing leadership skills. Overall, 110 students prepared 13 projects that were presented at Pitch Day on July 4.

In early 2011, Dow and TNC embarked on a global collaboration to help Dow and the business community better recognize, value, and incorporate nature into business decisions. In the Asia Pacific area, the partnership is expanding to multiple collaborations in environment protection and sustainability that demonstrate Dow’s commitment to protecting the planet. The latest example is the Birdhouse Project in Shanghai Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve, which involves a series of Dow-TNC programs that will protect bird habitat, wetlands, and water resources.