Girl Scouts Get a Taste of Science While Working with Strawberries

A strawberry DNA demonstration put on by STEM Ambassadors at a Girl Scout camp in Lake Jackson was so inspiring, 10-year-old Lucy went home and fetched her microscope to explore slices of other fruits.

“The science presentation had a big impact,” Lone Stars Twilight Camp Director Susan Mehner confirmed after STEM Ambassadors showed the San Jacinto Girl Scouts, who ranged from first to sixth grades, how to extract DNA from a strawberry. The girls were able to take their strawberry DNA samples home with them.

The Ambassadors included Katherine Kennedy, Allison Cruz, Olivia Stillman, Bridget Ehlinger, Amanda Geither, and Sienna George, a Girl Scout Troop Leader who helped organize the Dow volunteers for the event and regularly serves with the Girl Scouts in her spare time. George volunteered as the STEM station facilitator for the camp.

The girls also created bracelets containing colored beads to reflect their individual genetic traits and explored the effects of ultraviolet light and sun protection using special UV beads.