Partnership Profile: Multiply the Message Counts on Exponential Impact

Teachers learn new ways to engage their students through Multiply the Message, the product of a partnership between Dow India and the Trailblazers organization.

The underlying principle of Multiply the Message is simple: empower one teacher and you reach 200 students a year. By exposing physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics teachers to a wholly different pedagogy, the program expands the scope of environmental education in India. In 2014, the initiative completed its sixth successful year, with a series of five workshops for 604 teachers from local Marathi & English schools, as well as bachelor of education students. That translates into reaching more than 100,000 students. Plus, about a quarter of those teachers went beyond their school and conducted the sessions of key environmental protocols in residential colonies using the material that was distributed during the workshop. And 40 percent of the teachers got special permission to conduct the sessions during school assemblies, reaching out to thousands more students.

“It’s much more fun learning by doing,” said Ranjan Biswas, founder of Trailblazers, Dow’s partner in Multiply the Message. “The techniques adopted are simple, effective, and inexpensive. The activities can be concluded in a matter of just 20 minutes, making classroom teaching come alive.”

Dow has sponsored "Multiply the Message" since co-founding it with Trailblazers in 2009.