Annual Awards Program Recognizes Research That Ties Chemistry to Sustainability

Some of Argentina’s top researchers were honored Dec. 18 with Dow’s Chemistry and Sustainability Award.

Research that highlights the role of chemistry in improving quality of life and sustainability was honored by Dow Argentina's Chemistry and Sustainability Award.

The top student entry was from Matías de Jesús, a student at Universidad Nacional de la Matanza, for his work "An Ancient Crop: The Key to Developing Food for the Future," a study of using lactic bacteria of quinoa and amaranth to increase gluten-free products availability.

The top academic entry was "Bioplastics: A Sustainable Alternative to Plastics" by Jimena Elizabeth Gamboni, a work about the importance of plastics and how accumulation generates a huge ambient impact.

The winners were honored at an awards ceremony on Dec. 18, and received cash prizes and a tablet computer, while several honorable mention entrants also received a tablet computer.

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