Chemistry Olympics Poses a Celestial Challenge to Students

Iris Tebeka, of the Research & Development team at Dow, presents a medal to Enrico Pascucci Löffel, one of the winners of this year's Chemistry Olympics in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

With an eye on the heavens, high school students from across the State of São Paulo took tests, performed experiments and wrote essays as part of the 2014 Chemistry Olympics.

The theme for this year’s essays was “Space Chemistry Labs: How do They Work and What Are They Good For?” The June 7 event at the Chemistry Institute of the University of São Paulo was sponsored by Dow and attended by several industry and academic representatives, including Professor José Eduardo Krieger, vice president of Research at USP, and Professor Luiz Henrique Catalani, director of the Institute of Chemistry. The event was coordinated by Professor Ivano Gutz, who spoke before 120 students, parents and teachers about the importance of the chemical sector to the Brazilian economy and to the world, as well as the constant need to develop talent to work in an industry of innovation, technology and new discoveries.