Materials Engineering Week at USP Is Cause for Excitement

Dow employees provided real-world insight to students during Materials Engineering Week at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

With 40 students eager to learn, Dow’s sponsorship of the 50th annual Materials Engineering Week at the University of São Paulo was a big success.

Dow employees spent several hours with the students on Sept. 23, including a hands-on activity in which students designed custom packages for given products.

“They even came up with brand names for the products,” said Marcos Franca, Associate R&D Director with Dow Brazil. “This is one of the oldest events organized by students of this university, and its objective is to approach companies and the future engineers and complement their learning with courses and visits. The audience is composed mainly by students of materials, metallurgical, mining and oil engineering, but students from other courses and even other universities are also present.”

It’s a great event for the students, who get a taste of life after graduation, Franca said. It also benefits Dow, said John Biggs, Director of Research & Development  for Dow Latin America. “In addition to enhancing the relationship with the university and having access to the latest technologies, it allows us to display our portfolio of products for the next generation of engineers, reinforces our position as an innovative provider of solutions and, most importantly, allows us to identify and attract new talent,” Biggs said.