Take Your Child to Work Day Opens Many Doors

Max Schneider, left, works with visitors Dan Schneider and Grace Pnacek to complete a video conference communication challenge that was part of Take Your Child to Work Day activities in Midland, Mich., on April 24.

Many sites across the United States were busy on April 24 for Take Your Child to Work Day, an annual event that reinforces the real-world application of concepts and ideas taught in schools.

In Midland, Mich., for instance, I/S & Auditing employees welcomed 120 children who participated in activities ranging from building a catapult to creating a tornado in a bottle.

“This event grows larger each year both with the number of participants and the amount of activities,” said Nancy Pnacek, one of the organizers. “Our goal has always been to include STEM wherever and however often we can, in hopes of having the youngsters get excited about the possibilities of technology, science, engineering and chemistry.”