Partnership Profile: Teaming With Top Universities

An image from the University of Minnesota shows the university’s vision of Amundson Hall after a major expansion funded in part through Dow’s 10-year University Partnership commitment.

Across America, some of the world’s best students and researchers are pushing the frontiers of knowledge at some of the world’s best universities, and Dow is right in the middle of it all.

This is the third year of a 10-year commitment by Dow to work with 11 top universities on a variety of research and educational initiatives. That commitment includes a total of $250 million in funding over the 10 years, as well as access to Dow experts and their cutting-edge findings.

"Having professionals working alongside students showing what really needs to be done to solve a problem makes the students and faculty so much more effective," Stephen Forrest, vice president for research at the University of Michigan, said in the Midland (Mich.) Daily News when the program was announced. “When you have this tight relationship, everybody feels they have a stake in the outcome."

The 11 partner universities are:

California Institute of Technology

University of California at Santa Barbara

University of Minnesota

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Georgia Institute of Technology

Pennsylvania State University

University of Wisconsin

Northwestern University

University of California at Berkeley

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Michigan

It is an impressive list, with some very impressive projects in the works. At Minnesota, for instance, the partnership is funding a variety of research projects as well as enabling expansion of Amundson Hall, home of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. At Caltech, Dow’s commitment formed the foundation of the Corporate Partners Program, designed to strengthen the connection between the school’s pioneering research and industry's needs, resulting in science and technology breakthroughs that can more easily and directly reach the community and the world.

"Dow appreciates that you have to invest in something if you want to make change happen," Jacqueline Barton, chair of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Caltech, said in a news release at the announcement of the partnership. "Outstanding research is under way at Caltech, and the best way for Dow to be involved with that work is to invest. The dividends from its investment will be realized over generations."

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