Partnership Develops Online Platform for Understanding Science

A quarter-million public school students in Rio de Janeiro have a high-tech new way to explore science. EvoBooks, a Brazilian publisher that develops interactive educational material, joined forces with Dow and Rio’s Municipal Secretary of Education (MSE) to create the Sciences and Chemistry Laboratory, a collaborative online platform for classes that can be accessed through digital boards and computers.

The Laboratory includes simulated experiments, chemical reaction visualization and specific presentations that teachers can use in class to explain chemical elements and experiments. The contents address lessons focused on one subject at a time, following the MSE curriculum, and are presented with the use of interactive tools for students and teachers. The themes selected include physical states of matter, evolution of atomic models, periodic properties of the elements, atoms, molecules and simple and compound substances.

By financing project costs and evaluating the content, Dow brings into the classroom its experiences as one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

“Dow understands how important it is to bring scientific knowledge to young people, and this is a great way to awaken their interest and generate excitement around chemistry,” said Daniella Souza Miranda, director of Communications and Institutional Relations for Dow Latin America.