New Science Center Will Keep Kids Engaged in What They’re Learning

Dow employee Stacey Heidbrink helps daughter Abigail paint a fish at the announcement event for the Fish Tales Learning Zone at Baton Rouge’s Knock Knock Children’s Museum.

Jacob, son of Dow employee Mary Meyer, learns about fish at the event announcing the company’s support for the Fish Tales Learning Zone.

To celebrate the announcement of Dow’s sponsorship of the Fish Tales Learning Zone, children take part in Gyotaku, the art of Japanese fish painting that encourages exploration of senses and discovery of colors and textures.

A local tradition of children and their parents fishing together will be updated to promote STEM education at the new Fish Tales Learning Zone being built at Baton Rouge’s Knock Knock Children’s Museum.

Support from Dow will allow Fish Tales to provide hands-on experiences where children:

  • Explore using their senses, discovering various colors and textures
  • Enjoy gross motor activity by catching a variety of Louisiana fish
  • Develop early literacy by reading text, observing pictures and/or environmental cues
  • Heighten STEM literacy development through measurements, weights, etc.
  • Engage in play patterns that incorporate invention, creation, leadership and cooperation

“At Dow, we believe that an engaged, hands-on learning approach is the foundation to build the education system and workforce of the future,” said Abby Cook, Public Affairs manager for Louisiana. “Knock Knock’s Fish Tales Learning Zone will help us do just that.”

To learn more about the Fish Tales Learning Zone, watch the announcement
on YouTube