Seminars Designed to Improve Quality of Education in Turkey

Dow employees showed teachers how chemistry impacts their everyday lives during the Chemistry of Teaching event May 10 and 11.

High school chemistry teachers from several areas in Turkey have been able to expand their understanding of both science and education through seminars conducted by a forward-thinking public-private partnership.

The Chemistry of Teaching event May 10 and 11 welcomed 125 teachers from Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, Balıkesir and Canakkale. Designed to encourage innovative new methods that teachers can apply in their classrooms, the seminars were put on by Dow Turkey and the Teachers’ Academy Foundation. A similar seminar near the beginning of 2014 attracted about 100 teachers.

“We appreciate Dow Turkey and the Teachers’ Academy Foundation’s support for education by developing this project,” Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Muammer Yildiz said.

The first day of the seminar featured a gallery walk that demonstrated for teachers how chemistry functions in everyday life. Employees from several Dow businesses took part in the event, informing teachers about what goes into the products they use and answering questions.