DowGives Grants Support Several Conservation Programs in California

Several nonprofit organizations in California received DowGives Community Grants to give students a chance to study environmental conservation.

In addition to providing support to Antioch High School’s Environmental Studies Academy and an Inquiry-Based Science program at Orchard Park School, which serves kindergarten through middle school students, DowGives grants supported the Los Medanos College Nature Preserve Improvement and Greenhouse Project. The grant provided funds to erect two greenhouses, one for plant propagation and the other for shade. The greenhouses also will distribute fresh water to the Nature Preserve’s native plants.

For several years, students in Los Medanos biology and environmental biology classes have planted California-native plants on a one-acre site at the college. The plants and the pond attract and sustain monarch butterflies, Anna’s hummingbirds and other wildlife.

Meanwhile, students at the Delta Science Center use microscopes purchased with DowGives funding to view minute influences on the ecosystem. Although in early development, the effort already is reaching young people in Antioch, Oakley and Bay Point.

“We’re building a program that will focus heavily on the ecology, water quality and adaptation of Delta species to human influences,” says Roni Gehlke, executive director, Delta Science Center.