Students Get a Taste of Science, Technology Careers During Swiss Future Day Visit to Horgen Site

Students worked with professional scientists during a visit to a Dow site in Horgen, Switzerland for Swiss National Future Day.

A group of 40 students who visited a Dow site in Horgen got to operate a robot, create works of metal art using special adhesives and test materials in an analytical laboratory.

The children, ages 11 to 13, were relatives of Dow employees who visited the Dow Europe GmbH site on Swiss National Future Day, Nov. 11. More than 15 Dow employees welcomed them, including organizer Anita Rissi.

“Our goal was to give the children an insight into our company, as well as motivating them to gain interest in technical and scientific jobs,” Rissi said. “We put together an interesting and entertaining program. The children are always interested in the security procedures, and they carry the laboratory coat and the safety glasses with pride and joy.”

Lorena, an 11-year-old student who was one of the visitors, said it went by far too quickly.

“The thing I enjoyed most was the analytical laboratory,” Lorena said. “We had the possibility to fill different ingredients into test tubes, and then the liquid inside changed color. Based on the color results, we could determine whether the ingredient made the liquid basic or sour. That was extremely interesting, and I really felt like a real chemical laboratory technician. I could even imagine this being my job in the future.”

Students analyzed chemicals in test tubes during their visit on Swiss National Future Day.