Community Rallies Around Road Map for Enhancing STEM Education

Attendees at the Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Impact Initiative Summit follow speaker Matt Felan’s suggestion to use their mobile devices to send out social media messages about the summit.

More than 400 educators, business people and others who understand the power of STEM education to transform their community joined forces at the Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Impact Initiative Summit to begin the march toward prosperity.

The cornerstone of the Nov. 13 summit at Central Michigan University was the unveiling of a comprehensive study of the region and its potential for success in the modern economy. Months of research and analysis by experts from across the nation produced a game plan for STEM excellence in the region, an area of about a half-million residents that includes Bay City, Saginaw and Midland, the world headquarters of Dow. The Impact Initiative is a long-term effort organized by the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance with significant financial and leadership support from Dow and other regional organizations.

The study proposes specific steps that people and organizations can take to align the STEM education opportunities available in the region with the needs of regional employers. That alignment, along with cooperation between people on both sides, is the key to prosperity, the Initiative insists.

After learning about a comprehensive study of the Great Lakes Bay Region’s STEM opportunities, summit participants broke up into small groups and began making plans for implementation.

After hearing the details of the study, participants broke into small groups built around aspects of its recommendations. They added their perspectives, discussed opportunities and began planning the path forward.

“We’ve made so many connections,” attendee Linda Englehardt said. “So much enthusiasm, and a real willingness to share.”

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