Lecture Series at German University Offers Real-world Insights

Thomas Koehler, Dow’s associate engineering director at Schkopau, Germany, talks about the lecture series at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

Students at the local Anhalt University of Applied Sciences supplement their studies through a relationship with Dow Central Germany (DCG) that provides site visits, information on career opportunities and internships. Now, for the second year, that relationship also includes a lecture series, which is organized by the DCG university contact team.

Thomas Koehler, Dow’s associate engineering director at Schkopau and initiator of the lecture series, said it focuses on project execution and the required collaboration of different functions during planning, construction and start-up of a chemical plant, as well as plant operations and maintenance.

“It’s a complete regular lecture series at the university and also full integrated into the curriculum. That also means students must pass an exam,” Koehler outlined. “At university, you can, of course, only simulate reality. It’s obvious that there is a gap between the theory in the lecture hall and the actual reality at the plant. We can overcome this gap here locally while providing important insights.”

It’s the newest dimension to a long-term connection between the company and the university.

“I myself studied at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and have closely stayed in touch over the years,” Koehler explained. “Many of our engineers graduated there – and we would like to further promote this collaboration.”