Systems House Welcomes 40 College Students for Tour, Communication

Dow Egypt in partnership with Cairo University Chemical Engineering Department and The American Institute of Chemical Engineers recently hosted 40 senior year chemical engineering students at the Dow Egypt Systems House.

The students learned about the company’s latest innovations and solutions, its global portfolio and the manufacturing process that goes into producing a wide range of solutions. The students also learned about sustainability and manufacturing in a highly interactive presentation given by Technical Sales Manager Kareem Saleh.

“It’s great to see such a large number of students from my alma mater come visit our manufacturing facility in order to learn about our solutions,” Dow Egypt General Manager Mohamed Sabry said. “In a matter of a few short months, the same students will be part of our industry and active participants in the workforce as customers, distributors, and possibly even Dow employees. I am very happy that they all now know Dow a little better.”