Partnership Profile: Change the Equation Has Something to Add

Change the Equation is an advocate for students.

In just a few years, Change the Equation has had a clear impact on the way many people view STEM education.

Change the Equation (CTEq) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, CEO-led initiative that is mobilizing the business community to improve the quality of STEM learning in the United States. Its mission is to foster widespread STEM literacy that sparks an innovative spirit in students and prepares them for postsecondary options. Since its launch in September 2010, CTEq has helped its more than 100 member organizations connect and align their philanthropic and advocacy efforts so that they add up to much more than the sum of their parts. Dow is a member of CTEq, and takes part in many efforts to advance its mission. Those efforts are organized under three categories:

  • Improving Philanthropy — Increase the impact of corporate philanthropy by emphasizing high quality, scalable programs.
  • Inspiring Youth — Capture the imagination of young people, giving them a solid foundation in STEM and insight into the unlimited postsecondary and career options.
  • Advocating Change — Promote proven state policies and research-based practices that enhance student mastery of and interest in STEM disciplines.
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