International Chemistry Olympiad Provides Forum for Excellence

Top high school students from 77 countries put their skills and energy to the test this summer during the 45th International Chemistry Olympiad in Moscow, Russia.

After four days of competition, collaboration and interaction, 34 gold medals, 64 silver medals and 94 bronze medals were awarded to the highest performers, and countless connections were made between scientists of the future from across the globe.

Dow has a long-term presence in Russia, and was one of the major international sponsors of the Olympiad. Dow developed an extensive program for students, their tutors and event officials, including a visit to the Dow Izolan manufacturing facility in Vladimir, Russia, for the Olympiad Jury Committee. Dow also organized an interactive session for more than 100 students and held a quiz with questions on chemistry and Dow’s Olympic Partnership. During the session, Dow specialists focused on recent innovations in chemistry and shared some of their experiences with participants. The winner of the Dow Quiz, a student from the Czech Republic, was awarded with a memorable prize at the official Closing Ceremony of the Olympiad.

"We are proud to be a sponsor of the 45th International Chemistry Olympiad," Peter de Groot, general manager of Dow in Russia and CIS, said while addressing the audience at the Olympiad Awarding Ceremony. "As a world leader in chemistry and with 40 years of our continuous presence in Russia, Dow views this as a tremendous opportunity to engage in dialogue with young scientists from all over the world and help facilitate the learning environment that will encourage them to explore Chemistry in Action.”

Dow also has a continuing relationship with the International Chemistry Olympiad. In fact, Dow was the sole corporate sponsor of the 2012 event in Washington, D.C. "As a global company with operations in more than 40 participating nations, Dow sees the International Chemistry Olympiad as a prime opportunity to help inspire the next generation of scientists," said Andrew Liveris, Dow Chairman and CEO. "With more than 95 percent of all manufactured products requiring some level of chemistry, highly educated and inspired scientists will help ensure a sustainable future for our company, our planet and our communities."