Tristan Coram

Title: Senior Research Scientist
Business: Dow AgroSciences

Tristan Coram is the Trait Manager Group Leader for Trait Product Development (Dow AgroSciences R&D) and is responsible for developing transgenic trait solutions across multiple crops. Tristan also leads the Event Sorting Oversight Committee, which serves to review projects and develop best practices for trait development. Further, Tristan leads a cross-functional Biology project team that develops technologies to impact breeding and seed production. Finally, Tristan also leads the Dow AgroSciences Hunger Solutions Network Global Projects team, which actively partners with institutes and farmers in Africa to impact food security.

Prior to being named Trait Manager Group Leader, Tristan was Agronomic Traits Program Leader where he was responsible for developing R&D strategy and implementing field phenotyping capabilities to deliver traits for drought tolerance and nitrogen use efficiency. Tristan has also served as a Trait Manager for corn input traits, where he managed projects to characterize and develop transgenic insect resistance and herbicide tolerance traits. Before joining Dow AgroSciences, Tristan spent 3 years with the USDA Agricultural Research Service where he worked on characterizing the genetics if disease resistance in wheat.

Tristan is a Board member of the Science and Engineering Foundation of Indiana, and an active committee member of the American Society of Agronomy.

Tristan earned both his Ph.D. in Plant Genetics & Breeding and his Bachelors in Applied Biology from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.