Kumar Nanjundiah

R&D Manager
Function: Research & Development
Business: Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics
Location: USA-Midland, MI
Project Team: PSI


Kumar, is the Research Scientist for PV films and is responsible for:

  • Development of encapsulant film formulations for photovoltaic modules
  • Consult and guide TS&D/sales teams to achieve commercial success selling ENLIGHT™ Films
  • Manage a group of technologists and contract employees

Prior to being named Research Scientist in PV films, Kumar worked in Dow Coating Materials group and was involved in development of polyurethane dispersions using Dow’s renewable natural oil polyols. As part of the material science group in coatings, Kumar also focused his efforts on understanding fundamentals of scratch and damage mechanisms in coatings.

Kumar is a member of American Chemical Society.

Kumar earned his PhD in Polymer Science and Masters in Polymer Engineering from The University of Akron, Ohio. He has published 12+ articles in peer reviewed journals, authored/co-authored 25+ CRI reports and filed 6+ patent applications with one granted recently.