Garlef Reimers

Finance Manager
Function: Finance
Business: Chlor-Alkali Assets
Location: Germany-Stade
Project Team: Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations


Garlef Reimers, is the Business Finance Analyst for EMEA and is responsible for the following businesses:

  • Chlor Vinyl
  • PO/PG
  • Chlorinated Organics

The key responsibilities within his current assignment are:

  • Monthly financial estimates
  • Manage and maintain the integrity of the monthly and quarterly financial closing process in accordance with Dow’s policies and procedures
  • Support for various business studies, site asset strategies and required cost/capital information
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of internal and external drivers on cost position and overall profitability.
  • Support the negotiation of major sales contracts
  • Provide economic evaluations to support capital and M&A related projects

Prior to being named Business Finance Analyst Garlef Reimers has worked as an Cost Accountant where he was responsible for a variety of businesses and functions on the Stade Site.

Garlef Reimers is amongst others a member of the Stade Site Leadership Team and the European Chlorine Envelope Team

Garlef Reimers earned his Diploma of Business Administration from the University of applied Science in Flensburg, Germany.