Young Scientists Program Provides Boost to Students

Young Scientists Program Provides Boost to Students

Students from five key universities in the Middle East and North Africa were selected to be part of the Dow Young Scientist Program, which offered students a combination of educational and professional experiences.

It was the second year of the program, which is run by Dow in association with the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) to identify and reward top students aspiring to a career in chemical and petroleum engineering. Selected students received a three-day, all-expenses-paid trip to the 10th Annual GPCA Forum in Dubai, as well as special insight into the industry through a visit to Dow’s Jebel Ali Coatings Plant and an orientation program at Dow’s regional head office in Dubai.

“It gave me the chance to meet other students from around the region and exchange knowledge and experiences with them,” one of the students commented. “It also gave me a clear perspective on chemical engineering, which is my major, and the opportunities I'll get as a chemical engineer in working for a vast majority of chemical and petrochemical companies.”

In selecting the students, Dow partnered with some of the region’s premier educational institutions:

  • American University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
  • Kuwait University (Kuwait)
  • King Abdullah University of Science & Technology and Jubail Industrial College (Saudi Arabia)
  • American University of Cairo (Egypt)
  • Ecole Nationale Polytechnique (Algeria)

“Through this program, GPCA will be actively engaged in supporting the social, economic and educational aspirations of the Arabian Gulf region at large,” said Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun, secretary general of the GPCA. “It is vital that we support students who express interest and show aptitude in the field of petrochemicals. The industry will play a significant role in the sustainable growth of the region’s economy for the foreseeable future.”

Among the highlights of the Young Scientists Program experience for many students was interacting with working professionals at Dow, including Markus Wildi, president for India, Middle East, North Africa & Turkey.

“The future of science and innovation is in the hands of the youth of today, and hence it is crucial to foster this generation through awareness and educational programs,” Wildi said.