Site Visit Opens Doors for 25 Young Women

After spending a day interacting with employees at Dow’s Paris Saint-Denis site, 25 young women have a new perspective on the keys to professional success.

“I had the opportunity to meet great people from Dow France, who introduced their job, responsibilities and working environment, and allowed me to get a better vision of the company,” one of the women wrote afterwards. “Furthermore, it helped me to think about my career plans and to get more self-confidence in my working aspirations.”

The visitors were from the Rev’Elles association, which organizes career days for women aged 16-20 from less privileged backgrounds. These career days are part of a semester program which aims at helping young women find their academic and professional orientations. The association coordinated with the Dow Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) to arrange small group discussions and facilitate workshops. The young women shared their preconceptions regarding business, and then learned about real-life experiences of professionals from diverse functions, including sales, marketing, planning, production, finance and information technology.

“Sharing our experience with those young ladies was very rewarding in terms of confidence, both for them and for Dow participants,” said Alice Bricout, an account manager with Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics. “The young ladies’ enthusiasm and energy was extraordinarily catching!”

It was the second site visit organized by WIN and Rev’Elles, the first taking place in 2015.