New Library Provided for 150 Students

“After 30 years, we finally have a library,” said Madong Lubis, principal of Public School 64989 in the city of Medan, Indonesia.

For decades, the school’s 150 students had to make do without something that most students take for granted.

So 10 employees at a nearby Dow facility took action, arranging for company funding to construct a library at the school. Once completed, several of the employees volunteered to prepare the books for stocking and create a computer inventory of the materials for easy access by students.

“Imagining the school children sitting there enjoying the library, a dream comes true after so many years,” said Imelda Sitorus, one of the volunteers. “That feeling I shared with them really moved me. ”

At the same time, desks, chairs, books, and computers were donated to SD Toby Betlehem, another nearby school with about 230 students and teachers.

“Medan is the fourth-largest city in Indonesia, and the Dow site there is fairly small, but the impact to the immediate neighborhood around the site is significant,” said Dian Widjanarty, Public Affairs & Government Affairs Manager for Dow in Indonesia. “In helping their community, the employees focus on the most urgent needs for the area around the site, one of which is schools.”