Fun Side of Science Charms 60,000 Visitors

Science equaled fun for 60,000 visitors to the Dow attraction inside FISA 2016, the most important business and community fair of the year in Bahía Blanca.

Several employees volunteered at the Dow Science Club, an attraction with a variety of eye-catching and high-energy activities. Children and families were able to see a play, perform fun science experiments, and learn about Dow products that contribute to improving the quality of life.

“Volunteering for Dow Science Club was a great experience,” said Rocío Piñeiro, Bahía Blanca Site Training Center coordinator. “It was nice to see how children learned while they had fun. I surely recommend this kind of activity, because it is a good way to get close to the community.”

FISA was conceived as an opportunity to foster the development of business connections and joint efforts with nearby cities and provinces, promote public and private sector activities and offer community outreach for general public awareness of the contributions of businesses to sustainable development. Dozens of businesses and organizations presented at the event.

In addition to volunteering at the Dow Science Club, employees also contributed their time and talent to FISA 2016 by promoting the four-day event through social media. Engaging employees for impact is a key part of Dow’s Global Citizenship effort.

“This opportunity was very enriching for me,” said Franco Ferrarello, Bahía Blanca site maintenance coordinator. “The Dow Science Club booth was very attractive. I had fun helping and sharing information with visitors, while at the same time it helped me improve my communications competencies.”