Water Filters Help 150 Flint Families

Technical knowhow and longstanding partnerships with community service organizations in Flint have enabled Dow and its employees to help people impacted by water quality issues in the city.

Water Filters Help 150 Flint Families

Lead contamination has forced the city’s 100,000 residents to stop using the municipal water supply. As an innovator in water purification and separation technologies, Dow is well suited to help. On April 19, more than 20 members of Dow Corps, the company’s employee volunteer organization, gathered in Flint’s Foss Avenue neighborhood to outfit homes with water filters that make the water safe using reverse osmosis technology from Dow’s Water and Process Solutions (DWPS) business. Working in collaboration with a corporation that is a valued Dow customer, volunteers leveraged DWPS expertise to provide a safe, practical solution.

“When you are used to turning on the water every day and doing what you do every day, and then for the water to change and you can’t do that, it is hard,” said Ruby Vance, one of the homeowners who received a donated water filter system. “I can go through a 24 case of bottled water on the daily. I love Flint. I don’t want to leave Flint. But having to do this for years and years, I don’t see myself doing it.”

Vance lives in one of about 150 Habitat for Humanity homes in Flint, and Dow has committed to providing filters in all of them as a continuation of the company’s long history of support for the organization.

Water Filters Help 150 Flint Families

“This is a pretty serious situation in Flint, and I really felt like it was important to participate,” said Nina DeMarie, one of the Dow Corps volunteers installing filters. “We take for granted the fact that we can turn on our faucets and have clean water at any time, ... and the residents of Flint are unable to do that at this time.”

Dow also is working with the United Way of Genesee County, another historic partner, to help Flint. The Dow Chemical Company Foundation agreed to match donations to a special account set up for employee contributions to the UW Flint Water Fund, to be used for emergency support services and prevention efforts. The contributions and the Foundation match combined to raise more than $11,000.

“Dow understands the significant challenges the Flint community is facing, and is committed to providing both short- and long-term sustainable solutions through our businesses, Global Citizenship efforts and employee initiatives,” said Andrew N. Liveris, Dow’s chairman and chief executive officer. “These partnerships and initiatives demonstrate what is core to Dow’s culture – helping others and giving back to our neighbors in times of need while working to provide innovative and sustainable business solutions to the Flint community for future generations.”

Be sure to watch our video from the water filter installation day.