DowCorps is the company’s conduit to meeting the world’s most basic needs. Through DowCorps, the company and its employees engage in delivering significant and lasting impact to society, helping to create sustainable communities while also supporting and furthering business success.

It is based on the premise that employees thrive when they see that their work is central to the company and the community – work that impacts both the bottom line and the greater good. DowCorps offers two employee engagement routes:

Traditional – employees dedicate their time to lend a helping hand with a variety of projects ranging from Habitat builds… to painting a house… to delivering food to people in need… to cleaning a park… to volunteering at a community event.

Skilled – employees apply specific expertise, talent, professional skills and knowledge to help improve the lives of people around the world. Projects range from teaching new farming techniques to citizens in a third-world country… to working with teachers and students on specialized science activities… to implementing Dow technology to deliver safe drinking water to an entire community. Expertise in areas of business, engineering, accounting, supply chain, information technology and a host of other skills and competencies help those in need.

Global citizenship activities are managed with a disciplined model that focuses on business priorities and capitalizes on the strengths of the corporation. This global approach is integrated, proactive, strategically aligned and driven toward value-based return on investment for all stakeholders.

Dow businesses play a vital role in enabling global citizenship solutions. Their expertise, technology and talents are game-changing for addressing community well-being.

The result of the company’s global citizenship efforts is sustainable communities that are economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient.