Classroom to Career

Science Education

We believe in inspiring student interest for STEM in the classroom, with the goal of harnessing that excitement as a pathway for a successful career.

Through employee engagement by our Dow STEM Ambassadors, we aim to bring science to life for young people, in addition to exposing students to the exciting opportunities within STEM careers.

We support project-based learning concepts that connect to careers and increase interest in STEM professions, mainly chemistry, engineering and manufacturing.

Dow is proud to be a champion for a fully inclusive workforce, and our partnerships aim to give individuals from all backgrounds the opportunity and the support to pursue a successful STEM career.

Beyond K-12 education, Dow supports various leadership development, university and community college programs, with a special emphasis on skilled trades and manufacturing through our US Apprenticeship Program.

For more information about how you can apply your skills at Dow, visit our Careers page.

Additional information on Dow’s policy recommendations for Education and Workforce can be found here.