By 2030, the world’s middle class will double in size.
China alone will add one billion people to the middle class by 2030.
The need for sustainable consumer goods will increase at a dramatic rate.

The Challenge

For the first time in history, a truly global middle class is emerging. By 2030, it will more than double in size, from 2 billion today to 4.9 billion. Asia will host 64 percent of the global middle class and account for more than 40 percent of global middle-class consumption.

The demand for products and food will grow at a rapid pace. The importance of sustainability will grow right along with it.

Source: Brookings Institution, Dr. Homi Kharas

Where Science Can Help

Science is improving the performance and sustainability of everyday products. Science-enabled technologies are already bringing us:

  • Smarter, smaller electronic devices
  • Energy-saving materials and processes
  • More convenient foods
  • More household goods with biodegradable or other earth-friendly ingredients

Dow's Solutions At Work

Dow products and technologies are addressing the challenge.