We will deliver breakthrough sustainable chemistry innovations that advance the well-being of humanity.

Delivering Breakthrough Innovations

Dow is committed to delivering solutions essential to human progress. With more than 96 percent of all manufactured products enabled by chemistry¹, the solutions to sustainable development come down to the most basic elements in our universe. They come down to the power of chemistry. And in the hands of Dow people, our Human Element, world challenges become a universe of opportunity. As part of our 2025 Sustainability Goals, Dow will deliver breakthrough sustainable chemistry innovations that advance the well-being of humanity.

Dow delivers innovative products that make the world better. We look across the life cycle of our products to insure our innovations continue to improve, creating a world that is better because of our products. Dow’s Delivering Breakthrough Innovations Goal is focused on increasing the net positive impact of our products, based upon knowledge of where our feedstocks and energy come from, our processes, how our products are used by customers, and how they are treated at end-of-life.

We see a world in 2050 where healthy people, healthy communities and healthy products are the rule, not the exception. The breadth and depth of Dow’s technological expertise allows us to develop game-changing solutions that address energy, transportation, infrastructure, health and nutrition, and consumer needs. Our 2025 Sustainability Goal to Deliver Breakthrough Innovations provides a new opportunity to address some of the most pressing needs of our time, by doing what Dow does best – harnessing the power of science to create solutions that positively impact the world.

Measuring Our Progress

Dow will innovate to increase the positive net impact of products across all markets such that the benefit to global sustainable development exceeds burdens by six times.


  • Dow will innovate to increase the positive net impact of products across all markets such that the benefit to global sustainable development exceeds burdens by six times.
  • Dow will assess the number of people who are positively impacted by Dow products and solutions.
  • Dow will be a leader in energy and CO2 footprint mitigation across multiple product lines ensuring a mitigation multiple of no less than 3:1. (In other words, Dow will achieve a ratio of benefits-to-burden of no less than 3:1.)
  • Dow will continue to improve its Sustainable Chemistry performance and report progress externally.
  • Dow businesses will set and achieve their own business-specific sustainability goals.
  • Dow will grow its life cycle analysis (LCA) expertise to meet business and customer needs.
  • Dow will report regular updates from its external sustainability engagements with universities, non-governmental organizations and other leading sustainability organizations.

Recent Success

  • PURINZE modules for the ECO Washing Machine allow recycle of water in a consumer washing machine, cutting water use by more than half.
  • EVOQUE™ Prepolymer Composite reduces energy-intensive titanium paint pigments while providing better hiding and improved performance.
  • FORMASHIELD™ creates paint that removes formaldehyde from indoor air.
  • Polymeric flame retardants have been developed and commercialized that eliminates leaching of brominated material into the environment while providing flame retardant properties to a variety of polymers.
  • SOLDERON™ lead-free plating for semiconductor manufacturing eliminates lead in processing and in the finished products

As part of our 2015 Sustainability Goals, we have made great progress in creating products that advance sustainability. We set out to deliver three “Breakthroughs to World Challenges” that significantly help solve world challenges in food, energy and climate change, sustainable water supplies and improved personal health, and we surpassed that Goal by developing and announcing four Breakthroughs:

  • Omega 9 Healthy Oils have eliminated 1.5 billion pounds of bad fats from North American diets since 2005 without compromising oil performance or food taste. Read More
  • FILMTEC™ ECO Reverse Osmosis Elements deliver 40 percent better water purification using 30 percent less energy. In its first decade, the technology will produce 10 billion cubic meters of clean water – the volume of more than 4 million Olympic-sized swimming pools. Read More
  • BETAMATE™ Structural Adhesives deliver crash-durable bonding for lightweight vehicle construction, and improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing safety in new vehicles such as the Ford F-150. At the time this breakthrough was announced, industry adoption of BETAMATE™ Structural Adhesives has already saved approximately 2.65 billion gallons of gas – avoiding 23.3MM metric tons of CO2 emissions. Read More
  • POLYOX™ Polymers for Lifebuoy soap helps make soap more accessible for millions in the developing world. Washing hands with soap is a proven way to prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases, especially among children. In fact, nearly 2 million children under the age of 5 die each year from infectious diseases. Dow collaborated with Unilever to develop POLYOX™ Polymers for a brand of Lifebuoy™ soap which costs 10 cents per bar and lasts an entire month. Read More

Our 2025 Goal of Delivering Breakthrough Innovation continues our 2015 Goals commitment to innovation and helps us transition to a sustainable planet and society.