BETAMATE™ Structural Adhesives

BETAMATE™ structural adhesives deliver cutting-edge solutions in similar and dissimilar material bonding, closure bonding, and body structure bonding, enabling improved load carrying capabilities, vehicle stiffness and durability, design flexibility, and weight reduction. BETAMATE™ structural adhesives offer high-performance adhesion to automotive substrates such steel, aluminum, magnesium, and composites, innovatively replacing welds and mechanical fasteners, reducing fatigue and failure commonly encountered with traditional processes – substantially increasing manufacturing efficiencies.


  • Door
  • Hood
  • Deck lid flanges
  • Engine compartments
  • Cockpits
  • Roof panels
  • Rails
  • Trailer flooring and other load-bearing members


  • Contributes to lightweight design flexibility and safety
  • Joins multi-material and hard-to-weld substrates, including high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium
  • Improves durability by reducing fatigue and failure commonly found around spot welds and fasteners
  • Seals against environmental conditions that cause corrosion
  • Provides potential to lower cost by reducing welds and gauge without losing mechanical properties
  • Lab and full-vehicle testing of new crash-resistant structural adhesives show improved crash-resistant performance without any weight increase


North America


Europe, Middle East, Africa & India


Asia Pacific


Latin America




Typical Modulus (Mpa)

Typical Impact Peel (N/mm)

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