STYROFOAM™ Brand Spray Foam (SPF) Insulation

STYROFOAM™ Brand SPF Insulation (CM Series) is a professionally applied two-component, polyurethane foam that creates a seamless, monolithic barrier for protection against water vapor and air on the interior of steel stud walls and designed as a water vapor and air barrier in Dow’s integrated wall systems. It expands during installation to fill cavities, cracks and penetrations, preventing uncontrolled air leakage in steel stud cavity walls and provides additional insulation to a wall system.. This closed-cell, 2-pcf spray foam successfully incorporates an advanced blowing agent with zero ozone depleting potential.


  • For commercial applications to fill gaps, cracks and penetrations to minimize air leakage and provide additional insulation when applied to the interior of steel stud walls as part of Dow's integrated wall systems


  • Creates a seamless, monolithic barrier
  • Blocks air infiltration to increase energy efficiency and occupant health and comfort
  • Closed-cell, 2.0 pcf spray foam
  • Supplied in 55 gal drums (one ISO, one polyol)
  • Two grades to match ambient temperatures


North America


Europe, Middle East, Africa & India


Asia Pacific


Latin America



Ambient (Substrate) Temperature Range, °F

Core Density cubic lb/ft

Thermal Resistance aged R-value ft2•h•°F/Btu at 1 inch