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Electronics Adhesives and Sealants

Taking the stress out of bonding and adhesion

Proven performance. Flexible processing options. Simpler assembly and thermal management. Increased reliability. Superior bonding. Whatever your desired outcome, adhesives and sealants play a pivotal role in protecting electronics, advanced assembly and lighting components from environmental stress and moisture in even the most demanding applications.

From shielding heavy machinery from harsh outdoor environments to protecting sensitive electronic circuitry from mechanical stress, to ensuring a secure foundation for subcomponents and larger assemblies to strengthening bonds between lighter-weight materials, our next-generation silicone-based adhesives and sealants offer numerous advantages to electronics and lighting manufacturers and designers. With reliable performance over operating temperatures ranging from -45C to 275C, our proven portfolio of non-corrosive sealants and adhesives is available in a number of viscosities and cure chemistries to meet your processing needs.

One-part moisture-cure (RTV) silicones

Requiring no mixing or oven equipment to process, these vulcanizing adhesives draw moisture from ambient air to cure simply and cost-effectively at room temperature. The cure can be accelerated by increasing temperature and humidity.

Two-part room-temperature condensation-cure elastomers

Used in lid and housing seals as well as gasketing applications, these versatile, rapidly curing elastomers are available in non-flowing and flowable options.

Accelerated heat-cure adhesives

Offering greater control and processing flexibility, standard grades enable adhesion in as few as 20 to 30 minutes at ambient temperatures of 150C, while high-performance grades can cure within minutes at the same temperature.

Heat-cure silicone elastomers

Available in both flowable and non-flowing options, these durable elastomers allow for rapid processing of sealing lids, housings and gaskets.

Hot-melt silicone adhesives

Providing primerless adhesion to glass, plastics, metals and many other substrates, these adhesives can be applied as a liquid melt but cool to a solid and form a viscoelastic material with enhanced physical properties when they react with ambient moisture.

Flexible UV-cure adhesives

These adhesives offer the option of faster in-line processing through irradiation with ultraviolet (UV) energy.

Silicone foams

Cost-effective alternatives to preformed gaskets and foam tapes when sealing high-tolerance gaps, these foams help reduce waste and expedite production while protecting against ambient air, moisture, dust, vapor, vibration, heat and more.