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Adhesives and Sealants - Consumer Goods

Adhesive and sealant solutions from Dow

You can depend on adhesives and sealants from Dow to help you get the job done right for bonding and sealing applications in industrial appliance and maintenance. These high performance materials are proven, effective problem-solvers. They provide good adhesion strength on most substrates for high-quality assembly, and long-lasting, flexible seals for advanced product design and efficient equipment service.

Faster production assembly and lasting product quality

Longer lasting and more versatile than many organic-polymer sealants, our high performance adhesives and sealants provide options to match your specific process needs and application requirements:

  • RTV (room-temperature-vulcanizing) sealants
    • These silicone polymers work with a condensation reaction in humidity at typical room conditions, but the cure can be accelerated by increasing temperature and humidity. RTV sealants are easy to install, and they offer relatively low cost and good adhesion.
  • Heat cure sealants
    • Delivering much shorter cure times than RTV sealants, these materials can be automatically dispensed to meet industrial appliance assembly requirements.
  • Hot-melt silicone sealants
    • Ideal for automated applications in the manufacturing of various components, these reactive hot-melt materials provide instant green strength, which can increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs in industrial assembly applications.
  • Silicone foams
    • Ideal as compression gaskets or as “environmental seals” to protect against ambient air, splashed water, dust and moisture, these materials are a cost-effective sealing solution compared to preformed gaskets and foam tapes for use sealing high-tolerance gaps. Applied using automated robotic dispensing, these materials have a fast room-temperature or low-temperature cure.

Special solvent-resistant fluorosilicone materials help secure long-term equipment durability

When fully cured, these adhesives and sealants:

  • Remain flexible, stable and resilient over a wide temperature range
  • Resist weathering and aging
  • Retain bonding and sealing strength on different substrates
  • Provide high dielectric strength for good electrical insulating properties
  • Have low flammability

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